Learn why birds should be fed all year round

Learn why birds should be fed all year round

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INFOGRAPHIC - the importance of year round bird feeding

It's summer and most of us have enjoyed some great weather at last - and that means we don't have to worry about feeding our garden birds, right? Wrong!

Actually, our feathered friends need your help all year round if they are to breed, raise chicks and generally survive successfully, which means you shouldn't abandon your habit of filling up those feeders during the warmer months of the year.

Don't worry if you didn't realise this though, as you're not alone. In fact, did you know that while up to three-quarters of Britons feed garden birds, as many as half of the feeders across the country are empty at any one time?

And were you aware that supplementing birds' diets with live food even in the summer can significantly improve their population numbers at a time when many are facing quite alarming declines?

You can find out all this and much more about doing your bit to help the birds in your own back garden (or wherever else you like to feed them, even if it's just an urban balcony) in our enlightening infographic. 

There's also more information about how to keep your feeders healthy and which types of food to stock up on when you're next browsing at CJ Wildlife's well-stocked website, ensuring you don't end up spoilt for choice.

Why not check it out and make a mid-year resolution to feed the birds every month, not just during the winter?