Prince Charles makes impassioned plea to save countryside

Prince Charles makes impassioned plea to save countryside

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HRH the Prince of Wales has made an impassioned plea for people to interact with their local countryside or risk losing it in the generations to come.

Prince Charles wrote the foreword for Country Life magazine to mark his 66th birthday and used it to warn that a lot of Britons are rapidly losing their connection to the land.

"Many people in the UK are now four or more generations removed from anyone who actually worked on the land - and it frequently shows in their attitudes," he commented.

The next in line to the throne urged everyone to do their bit to protect rural areas and not to take them for granted.

He concluded: "The rich, natural tapestry that is the countryside we value so highly does not just happen by itself. But that delicately woven tapestry is facing unprecedented challenges. Somehow, we need to find a way to put a value on our countryside, with all its facets."

Prince Charles has already established the Prince's Countryside Fund, which provides grants to deserving causes in the countryside and is currently helping more than 140 communities.

A spokesperson from Defra agreed with him and acknowledged there is a need to protect the countryside for generations to come.

The remarks come after a poll carried out by Hovis back in 2012 discovered that the countryside is the thing most likely to make people feel proud of being British, ahead of our sense of humour, the royal family, the armed forces and the BBC.

There are lots of small things you can do to ensure you help preserve this green and pleasant land for your children's children, from planting wildlife gardens to putting out seed for our traditional garden birds.

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