Will you be joining in with summer's Big Wild Sleepout?

Will you be joining in with summer's Big Wild Sleepout?

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Nature lovers are being encouraged to take part in an RSPB event that is to take place this summer for the third year in a row.

The Big Wild Sleepout will be held over the weekend of 7th to 9th August and encourages Britons to head out into their gardens to camp out, whether it's for two nights or just one.

Its aim is to get people feeling closer to nature and see what types of animals they share their green spaces with, as they might have the opportunity to spot some of the more elusive creatures while they're there.

Participants can build their own shelters and dens if they're feeling particularly adventurous, or use tents and even caravans for their weekend of camping under the stars.

And anyone who hasn't got a garden or doesn't feel as though a sleepover is appropriate for their space can still join in by checking out the Sleepout events scheduled to take place at RSPB reserves across the country.

Big Wild Sleepout organiser Sarah Houghton said: "We hope that thousands will be getting closer to nature and be inspired to help save it ... by taking part in this fun outdoor activity, we're making the nation aware that nature needs our help."

You've got plenty of time to prepare if this sounds right up your street - why not organise a group of friends and make an old-fashioned weekend of it, complete with ghost stories and midnight feasts?

We've also got plenty of equipment in stock to help you with wildlife observation if you're determined to find out what creatures are hiding in your garden.

For instance, our Stealth Gear Square Hide is ideal if you want to do some spotting before you turn in for the night, as it's completely camouflaged.

There are also lots of ID charts in stock so you can be confident you know exactly what you're seeing, including this one of Mammal Tracks and Signs in case there are footprints outside your den the next morning.